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What is Medical Tourism ?

"Medical Tourism is a flourishing industry" with a 30% growth ever year, with more and more people travelling to different countries to get medical, surgical & dental treatment from well established Hospitals and Experienced doctors. Providing world-class facilities at affordable prices. Medical_Tourism

Some people travel to obtain medical surgeries or other treatments. Some people go abroad for dental tourism or fertility tourism. People with rare genetic disorders may travel to another country where treatment of these conditions is better understood. However, virtually every type of health care,including psychiatry, alternative treatments, convalescent care and even burial services, is available.

Medical tourists are subject to a variety of risks, which may include deep vein thrombosis, tuberculosis, amoebic dysentery, paratyphoid, poor post-operative care, and others. Health tourism is a wider term for travels that focus on medical treatments and the utilization of healthcare services. It spans a wide field of health-oriented tourism ranging from preventive and health-conductive to rehabilitational and curative forms of travel; the latter being commonly referred to as Medical tourism. Wellness tourism is another related field.